Real estate

Why to choose us in/for real estate transactions?

• Preparation and commenting on sale and purchase and other contracts (i.e. swap, donation, lease, etc.) of real properties;
• Establishing condominiums, preparation and modification of founding documents, organisational and operational regulations and house rules for condominiums;
• Establishing and terminating of usufruct (life tenancy) rights;
• Participation in the resolution of disputes related to real properties (e.g. joint ownership, legal relations between neighbours, protection of possession) counselling parties in proceedings;
• Changing the zoning of properties, plot formation (i.e. division or merger of parcels, setting borders);
• Providing legal advice regarding real estate financing (loans, government subsidies);
• Drafting and commenting on contracting agreements for construction projects and refurbishment work.

Lawyer’s fees: depending on the complexity of the matter (i.e. the number of participants and their legal status, the resource and means of payment of the purchase price, encumbrances of the property, if any, we charge an amount between 0.35 and 0.5 % of the purchase price of the property but not less than HUF 75,000.– Ft + VAT.
• In case of the conveyance of a property of any size and function (e.g. an office building, factory, or students’ dormitory) we provide legal support throughout the entire transaction and draft the required documentation;
• We carry out a due diligence covering the aspects of property law, company law, environmental law, the local zoning plans and the contractual relations regarding the property (i.e. tenancy, financing, securities, leases);
• Rendering legal advice regarding issues related to the building permit; counselling, if needed, in the judicial appeal proceedings against the administrative decision;
• Preparing and commenting on project contracts (design, contracting, subcontracting);
• In marketing a developed property: preparing the uniform sales and lease contracts and then individualising them;
• Drafting condominium founding documents;
• Land registrations of the condominium units.

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